Time For Wine

The day also known as ‘let’s get drunk and pretend it’s to be cultured’. I absolutely bladdy love a good wine tour, having been on ones in the Margaret River in Western Australia with my girlfriends and the Napa Valley in California with Sam, I like to think of myself as a wine tour connoisseur – or just a lush, whatever. We visited the Yarra Valley here in Melbourne, a cold climate wine making region famous for its Pinot Noir and headed to three boutique wineries on our tour – Tokar Estate, Helens Hill and Corniola Winery.

Our tour was insanely cheap thanks to Groupon and as I’m still working my way up the freelance ranks that suited us fine. But in terms of the tour guide and lunch options, it was a case of you get what you pay for! That said, the wineries were all lovely and that’s the real point of the day so we didn’t mind so much, but it would have been nice to go to a winery for lunch with a view and some actual wine, rather than a bakery with a cup of tea…

The first stop of the day was the Tokar Estate,a gorgeous winery, where I want to go back for lunch one day as the views were spectacular. We drank their award winning Pinot Noir, a delicious Rose and as an avid Pinot Grigio drinker I was surprised to also love their Chardonnay. The sommelier serving our tasting was also super knowledgable without being a preachy git so I managed to learn what to pair my Rose with other than a giant hangover the next day, which may come in handy when I’m a proper grown up who pairs wine with food.

Suitably inebriated, we headed to Helens Hill, which in my opinion had the best wine of the day. We started with an amazing sparkling wine (which we bought a bottle of to enjoy on our Great Ocean Road trip) and then some other equally yummy and drunk making wines. By this point we were both pretty woozy and thankfully Helens Hill also do ranges of oils, vinegars, chutneys and a peanut butter, so I gobbled down a bunch of tasters to sober myself up.

Our final winery after lunch, was the Corniola Winery an adorable winery run by the most lovely Italian couple. The most ‘basic’ of our three wineries, they do their tastings in the tin shed right next to their aging barrels and you can even have a go at smushing (the technical term) the grapes yourself. I felt so bad not buying anything from these guys and their wines really were delicious (they have a great sweet red) so if you go, buy something on my behalf!

As we came to our last stop of the day the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery, the glorious weather we had enjoyed all day was starting to change with gloomy skies approaching, so we skipped on the ice cream and went straight to the chocolate. With a million different ways to buy their chocolate from cups full of the stuff to fondue sets, I settled on a box of delicious truffles to take home. And with a handful of free chocolate drops we hopped back in the van for a stormy drive home! Then proceeded to get drenched as we trekked back from the city, there’s that unpredictable weather we’ve heard so much about…


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