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Isn’t that sunset just insane? We just got back from three nights in Byron Bay as a mini surprise 30th celebration for Sam/engagement-moon (is that a thing?! I think so) and it was everything everyone said it would be and more. Before we flew to Byron, I threw in a little extra surprise of a stopover in Sydney to watch a Sydney FC V Liverpool FC game which left Sam with all the feels. Though never a football fan myself, now we’re engaged it only seemed right to embrace Sams’ second love – Liverpool. And once wife duties were done, off we went to Byron.

Having just bought a heap (on reading this back I realised I’ve officially become Aussie now i’ve used that word) of new jumpers in preparation for what I thought would be a blustery beach getaway, we were shocked to find Byron was scorchingly hot and unseasonably gorgeous. And man was it gorgeous. The beaches are so breathtaking, with Main Beach offering jaw dropping sunsets framed by kids playing in the shallows, dogs running up and down and people spinning fire as the sun goes down. It felt so magical. We then wandered through the town to get some dinner and you’re immensely spoilt for choice – Byron has seemed to find this amazing middle ground of being incredibly chic, with amazing bars and restaurants but everyone is super chilled and friendly, wandering around in bare feet with a surfboard propped under their arms.

On our first day the sun was shining so we hopped on our bikes (first bike ride for me for a fairly long while!) and went for brunch and I mistakenly opted for some weird ‘matcha mylkshake’ coz trying to be ‘Instagram’ and it was gross. That’ll learn me. Then we decided to do a little site seeing, dip our toes in the sea and cycle towards the famous Byron lighthouse, I think we’ve now basically seen all the lighthouses the East Coast of Australia has to offer…

The views from the lighthouse are so spectacular and as you make the 4km walk up there you can have a rest en route to spot DOLPHINS. It took me a while to get a good spot, but once I did, boy did I absolutely loose my head. It was so amazing to watch them frolic and play in their natural habitat, they swam up and down the shore, bouncing around through the breaks in the wave. We could’ve sat there for hours just following them as they swam around like little kids, but the sun was setting and my belly was rumbling, so it was time for another delicious dinner and swanky drinks.

And then this is when the magic happened. For some reason I had decided that the only place I wanted to learn to surf was Byron and what better time than when Sam is turning 30 – getting old in style! So we signed up for a morning surf session with Soul Surf School and I was ready to ride some waves. By the time we’d suited up and were on the beach practising how to stand on a surf board, it’s safe to say I was absolutely bricking it. Even though we weren’t going any deeper than chin height, the waves suddenly looked completely giant and ready to swallow me up. Add that to the fact you have to carry 6 foot of plastic along with you, the ocean suddenly becomes pretty terrifying.

Once I’d eventually made it over to the instructors (who help push you off onto the wave for the first half of the lesson, or all of it if you’re a needy teachers pet like me) and was lying on the board ready to pushed into the waves that suddenly felt 6 foot tall, I promptly completely forgot all we’d learnt and face planted into the sea. Well, least I knew falling off wasn’t too bad. After that, we pretty much nailed it! IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER and now I want to surf every. single. day.

My final ‘must see’ of Byron Bay was Spell & The Gypsy Collective, a brand that i’ve been lusting over on their dreamy Instagram page for absolute donkeys years, so I was SO excited to finally get my paws inside. The store itself is a heavenly mix of clean white minimalism with boho vibes – think big cacti, feather motifs on the walls and prints galore. I was in a dream world. As Sam veto’d me from buying the jacket of dreams and everything else seemed to be designed for 6 foot tall supermodels, I left with but a coin purse as a token of my visit. Probably for the best (of our joint bank balance).

And finally (I know, sorry I’ve waffled on) I couldn’t write up a post on Byron without mentioning our bladdy gorgeous Air B’n’b, Nicoletta’s Place was an absolute dream. You couldn’t dream up a home that screams ‘Byron’ more than this, from the outside bathtub and shower (!!) to the hammock for lazy afternoons in the sub and the gorgeousness of every single room design (I want to re-create the bathroom and steal the palm print wallpaper for our future, currently non existent, home) I was besotted. If you go to Byron, you MUST stay here. That, is an order.

Emma xx


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