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So first things first as you probably have seen on Instagram, Sam and I are engaged! Nia, my little sneak of a sister and I had spent the day watching the Kardashians and shooting these outfit pics before a ‘night out with friends’ and little did I know our lives were about to change forever!

After taking these snaps (of my fave ever skirt from Boohoo) we changed into something fancy (under Nia’s orders) because apparently this was a fancy event with “canapés and everything”, which should have set off alarm bells as I’ve no idea where Nia’s friends would find money for an evening of canapés!

So after a quick change we headed to the city and Nia’s friend ‘Sarah’ texted to say we’d need to be there between 5.30 and 6 – which was VERY specific but I suppose when there’s canapés you must be prompt… So we popped to a bar for a glass of wine to await our entry time. As we walked up to the high high rise apartment block I did start to question who this fancy friend ‘Sarah’ was and then the creepy guy who answered the apartment intercom (who was actually Sam putting on his very best weird man accent) I did start to wonder where Nia was taking me.  

Then as we arrived up on the 52nd floor, Nia pushed the front door open and I was greeted with flickering candles, love notes on the floor and a very nervous looking Sam standing in the kitchen. I knew then, this was not going to be some swanky drinks party, I was completely floored, it was the most stunning and magical moment I could have ever dreamt of.

Sam then played a video he had made of the biggest moments of our relationship, overlaid with quotes from ALL the best movies (The Notebook, Dirty Dancing and Up of course) followed by a very tearful and emotional speech, then he finally got down on one knee and asked me to marry him! It was utterly breathtaking.

After crying ALL of the tears, taking in the amazing views of the city and downing a bottle of champagne, we did the obligatory phoning of family, posting on Facebook and just generally being in a happy bubble of love. It was just the best night of my life and watching the sun come up over Melbourne the next morning as the hot air balloons floated through the sky, we could not have been happier. Here’s to Mykonos 2019! Stay tuned for some serious bridezilla action…


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