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At a time when woman are coming together, sharing stories and experiences, supporting one another across the globe and just generally being badass bitches smashing the patriarchy, I decided it would be good to pull together a list of my favourite Women of the Internet. Having recently gotten into Podcasts (welcome to the 21st century Emma!) I’ve been introduced to some pretty awesome woman, so I wanted to share them alongside some of my old faves too and hopefully you’ll love them as much as I do.


High Low Show

Comprising of two awesome women in their own right Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton, The High Low show is a pop culture podcast that I have very quickly become obsessed with. They cover all topics from the demise of Rob Kardashian and being culturally overloaded, to the Weinstein scandal and how to effectively protest, offering up an hour of thoughtful insights into modern culture, no matter how high or low brow. They have basically got my reading list sorted until I’m 90.


Megan Ellaby

I’ve been following Megan for a good few years now and she’s gotten better and better throughout that time. Her kick ass kooky style and love of print and colour clashing really proves her fashion credentials.  I love her zero f*cks given approach to styling, often way braver than I could ever be, any time I’m doing a bit of ASOS browsing, I’ll keep Megan in the back of my head – What Would Megan Wear?


Kate La Vie

Kate is my Instagram icon, her grid is absolutely on point and whenever I need new skincare or make up I’ll always reference (I mean look at that picture, her face is literally glowing!) She also recently eloped to marry her lovely partner, giving me all the wedding goals – if only my parents wouldn’t disown me if I did the same. If you do nothing else this week, follow Kate on Instagram, you will not regret it – but you may end up buying many berets.


Estee La Londe

Estee had often cropped up on my Twitter feed, offering funny little quips and comebacks and I had seen her book popping up all over WHSmiths, however I’ve never really read her blog. However, when her new Podcast ‘The Heart Of It‘ came up on my recommended podcasts, I was intrigued, especially as one of her first posts was about Feminism and now I look forward to her weekly chats – covering all sorts from protests to Mums.

Guilty Feminist

Deborah is my absolute feminist icon (see the headpiece above) and when she and her podcast came to Melbourne I jumped at the chance to see a live recording and banded together a girl gang to come along with me. Deborah and her guests (including the amazing Lauren Duca – that Teen Vogue writer) covered the topic of The Handmaid’s Tale happening in 2017, especially in Trump’s USA. Her topics are always incredibly insightful and guests always knowledgable and I ca saely say I’ve learnt more about Feminism since listening to her podcast than my whole 26 years as a woman!

Olivia Purvis

I’ve been a fan of Liv’s since her beehive days and aside from marginally less hairspray, her style has stayed very true to herself to this day. Mixing current trends and her signature cute dresses and accessories, you can always rely on Liv to add her feminine indie girl touch to the trends (I mean, look at that beret!). She also sends out a weekly newsletter straight into your inbox, a condensed version of what’s been happening in the week, from an 80’s Dua Lipa remix, to BFF marketing, as well as of course a round up of her looks from the week. A must sign up!


I hope you find these woman as insightful and fun as I do – and let me know your top gals!

Emma x


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